Platform for automated microfluidic processes.


1.  AMfS – Automated microfluidic system

  • The versatile automated system for operating a microfluidic chip.

2.  Manifold chip holder

  • It allows for on-line monitoring processes on the microfluidic chip.

3.  Microfluidic chip


  • Designed for microfluidic operations like precise mixing, separation, extraction, nanoparticles formation etc.
  • The system consists of three independent inlets for three different mobile phases with in line build it degasser.
  • It contains four PEEK solenoid valves, two independent nano-piston pumps, two selectors (6/7), two manual injector valves with 100 μl loop volume(adjustable), 2/10 valve, three check valves and unique automatically operated manifold for a microfluidic chip.
  • The platform offers enough variation connection for microfluidic operations.
  • The system allows for repeated return of a sample to the microfluidic chip what may result in significant yield increase.

The whole system can be modified adapting number and parameters of its parts according to individual requirements of a customer. This may decrease the final cost. The low cost alternative of the microfluidic system is a single manifold chip holder for the microfluidic chip. It allows for on-line monitoring processes on the microfluidic chip. The connection is accomplished via a high pressure standard fitting ¼-28 UNF.

The heart of the microfluidic system is PMMA based chip with six independent inlets. All the inlets can be used for defined purposes. Standard width of the channels on the whole chip area is 100 μm. However, if required, the channel width can be as narrow as 5 μm in short sections. The chips are resistant to pressures up to 200 bar.


  • PLC is placed inside the module no additional switchboard.
  • Connection between module, PLC and host PC is realized via an Ethernet cable.
  • This solution significantly reduces number of cables connecting the module with other component in the control chain.
  • PLC is controlled via host PC equipped with user-friendly interface.
  • GUI is intuitive and easy to master.


Nearly all the parts of the system can be modified according to the particular requirements of a customer.